The Shul

Our Shul

Congregation Light of Israel, a warm and vibrant synagogue has moved into its new building in 2012 on 1675 Monroe Avenue. This home is a center of learning and growth, laughter and joy connecting Jews together from diverse backgrounds. Believed to be the oldest Sephardic Synagogue in the state outside of the New York City area, Light of Israel offers many cultural and educational learning opportunities for the Jewish community of Rochester. Light of Israel strives to be a home to any Jew regardless of their background and their beliefs in a non-judgmental or patronizing way. Part of our mission is to connect Jews with Judaism by establishing and sustaining meaningful learning opportunities for every Jewish adult in the Rochester area regardless of affiliation, and to enable them to experience the joy and vibrancy of Judaism.

Our Rabbi

Rabbi Avi Mammon studied at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and at the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He has Semicha from Rav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg and from the Yeshiva of Greater Washington.

Rabbi Mammon serves as the Rochester Rabbinical Advisor for the BVK Kosher certification. He supervises the local Mikva as well as the local Eruv. Rabbi Mammon is a certified mohel, having received his certification from the board of Mohalim of New York. Rabbi Mammon was privileged to study under and apprentice as a Mohel with the world renowned Rabbi Dovid Kramer, Chief Mohel of Bikur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem. In addition he studied under the tutelage of the Chief Pediatric Urologist of Jerusalem Surgical Center, Dr. Orly Pratt. Rabbi Mammon  travels throughout the Western New York region performing Bris Milah. Rabbi Avi Mammon is the director of Ohr Torah Outreach Kollel which is a branch of Congregation Light of Israel.

Mrs. Miriam Mammon serves as an active Rebbitzen of Congregation Light of Israel. In addition, she teaches at Derech HaTorah and provides classes throughout the community. The Mammons open their home to all members of the community for Shabbat meals, Purim celebrations and other holiday events. The Mammons are the proud parents of Chevi, Esther, Shlomo, Elisheva, and Mordechai.